Yes, Bellevue is Open! Bellevue continues to cautiously reopen and provide visitors a clean, safe, and secure experience.

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Bellevue competes for our share of the world's attention, customers, and investment - and to compete, people need to be aware of our community and have a positive impression, so they want to visit. And that's where we need your assistance, collaboration and partnership.

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Connect with Bellevue Visitors 

Visit Bellevue Partnership Program connects local and regional businesses and organizations with visitors, convention and meeting planners, meeting attendees, media and those interested in the Visitor Economy.Join us in building a best-in-class experience for those visiting Bellevue.

Visit Bellevue’s New Partnership Model

Visit Bellevue has recently moved away from a traditional membership model organization to a more inclusive partnership organization model. As Visit Bellevue implements and activates Bellevue’s Destination Development Plan and transitions to a full-service Destination Management Organization our goal is to fully represent and develop the Overall Visitor Experience. Read on to learn what this means for you and Bellevue as a visitor destination.

Our New Partnership Model

  • Visit Bellevue is not restricted to only promoting paid-members and now will promote, market and sell all assets inside and outside of our destination which will more fully represent the entire visitor experience and has the potential to significantly increase tourism visitation for Bellevue.
  • By partnering with a broader spectrum of tourism assets, Visit Bellevue can create promotion, marketing and sales initiatives that can:
    • Can Intercept Visitors and introduce them to Bellevue as a hub for their Puget Sound and Pacific Northwest visit.
    • Drive tourism to traditionally under-served areas in the destination.
    • Capitalize on emerging tourism trends by freely partnering with all relevant businesses, attractions, sectors and assets.
    • Encourage repeat visits by promoting “new” features and activities, rather than simply promoting the same assets to a few niche audiences.

Partnership Model Advantages

  • Visit Bellevue has made the transition to a concierge model of serving our visitors. Led by our Certified Tourism Ambassador curriculum this basis for service will better position us for growth.
  • Our new website, owned media communications, social media and other online marketing strategies are based on what’s optimal for the entire destination rather than what most benefits only paid members.
  • Maintaining comprehensive, engaging content on the entire destination, ensures expert ranking across all platforms. This is important for many reasons including: 
    • A core hub for information on the entire destination experience helps expand the visitor interest and length of stay by offering other trip ideas and content that visitors may be interested in.
    • Keeping the information centralized provides better service to the visitor, allowing them to find all they need to know in one spot.
  • Retaining brand authority and tone of voice through our marketing + communications channels and digital platforms allows Visit Bellevue to maintain control of messaging utilizing the best practice strategies of industry experts.
  • With the launch of the new website, we are including more tourism assets and partners than ever before, allowing us to deliver a better visitor experience, while serving more businesses.

Partnership Opportunities

  • All Bellevue businesses, assets, organizations and regional tourism assets are now considered “Partners.” And as such receive a complimentary Visit Bellevue partnership by simply filling out a partnership agreement. Note: The majority of Visit Bellevue funding comes from Bellevue’s lodging tax collected by our Bellevue hotels and lodging establishments, because of this funding source Visit Bellevue no longer offers partnerships with hotels located outside of the City of Bellevue.
  • The partnership model doesn’t preclude partner financial investment in Visit Bellevue programs and projects such as:
    • Paying to upgrade and elevate the visibility + benefits of partnership at Visit Bellevue by upgrading to a premier partnership.
    • Paid advertising is available in the Official Bellevue Visitor Guide, 100,000+ of which are distributed annually throughout Washington State and beyond.
    • Paid advertising is available in the Bellevue Meeting Planner Guide
    • Paid advertising packages are available on
    • Partnering on sales missions, trade show booth coops at select travel shows and sponsorship of our new visitor experience programs.
    • Partner are encouraged to invest in certifying their team members in Visit Bellevue’s Certified Tourism Ambassador program.

Questions? Learn more by connecting with our Partnership Manager, Randy Fortes


Partnership Benefits

We support our partners and share your stories through various communication, advertising, visitor experiences, digital media and sales efforts. Join us in building a...

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