Bellevue Washington Bucket List Experiences

There is nothing better than checking off an epic experience that you have dreamed about for years. Bellevue Washington’s incredible location in the center of the Pacific Northwest & Puget Sound provides visitors access to enjoying possible bucket list adventures that are a world away from your normal routine.

Everyone was stuck at home during the depressing pandemic slog, and now that everyone is moving again, we have found our visitors are channeling their wanderlust into plans for bucket-list-worthy vacation experiences. Let’s stop talking about cancellations and what we can’t do and start thinking about what’s next and what’s possible.

These ultimate experiences and suggestions are what we have found to be some of the best of the best in our region, and we hope these ideas inspire you. Come and jump in (and start checking them off your list!).


Hike On a Volcano

Hike some of Washington's most immaculate mountains, some of which are active volcanoes!

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Go Whale Watching

Welcome to Puget Sound which is the heartbeat of our region. An entire delicate ecosystem exists out...

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Fly (And Land) on a Float Plane

Experience the unique thrill of taking off on the water and flying over one of the most beautiful...

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Glide in a Hot Air Balloon

Considered to be a nature walk in the sky, hot air ballooning is one of the most unique and...

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Paraglide Off a Mountain

Come paraglide at Tiger Mountain Paragliding just 4 miles east of Bellevue and experience free...

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Visit A Rainforest

Rainforests exist all over the world, but over 70% of the rainforests in the continental United...

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Skydive The Cascades

Located just 14 miles north of Bellevue, Skydive Snohomish is consistently rated as one of the best...

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Whitewater River Rafting or Kayaking

With rivers spanning throughout our area, whitewater rafting and kayaking opportunities abound. The...

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Rock Climb (For Real, Not In a Gym)

The Cascades of Washington, with their spectacular glaciers, prominent summits, and moderate...

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Learn to Sail

Get your sea legs ready, we've compiled a list of resources to help you as you learn to sail!

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Drive a High-Performance Car

Do you have a need for speed? Dirtfish Rally School located just 6 miles east of Bellevue is just...

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Blow Glass or Breathe Fire

Learn the art of glass blowing at various glass blowing workshops in Bellevue and the surrounding...

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