Public Transit: Buses & Light Rail

Bellevue has a well connected network of public transportation options. The Bellevue Transit Center is the main transit hub in the Eastside of King County. 

Public Transit by Bus

Public bus transportation is provided throughout the Puget Sound Region.  Choose Your Way Bellevue provides great resources about bus service in Bellevue. Sound Transit Express Bus Route 550 provides daily airport service to and from the Bellevue Transit Center. Find more information regarding transit options to/from the airport on our Sea-Tac Airport page.

Direct Bus Routes from Bellevue to Seattle:

  • Bellevue Transit Center: Sound Transit 550
  • Eastgate Park & Ride: Sound Transit 554; Metro 217, 212
  • Evergreen Point Bridge Park & Ride: Sound Transit 545; Metro 255
  • South Bellevue Park & Ride NOTE-Park and Ride closed for East Link Construction

Metro Transit

Metro Transit Website
1-206-BUS-TIME (287-8463, automated schedule info.)
Fares: $1.25 - $2.00 One-way / Single Fare / 1 or 2 Zone(s)
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, All Day Pass (available from the driver) - $2.50  Metro Transit operates regular bus routes to and from the airport to stops in Downtown Bellevue. Plan your trip throughout the Bellevue-Seattle area now using Metro's Online Trip Planner.  

Sound Transit (ST)

Sound Transit Website
1-888-889-6368 ST Express Customer Service
Fares: One-way adult single fares: $1.50 (one zone); $2.50 (two zones); $3.00 (three zones)

Sound Transit is a public agency delivering regional public transportation to urban King (Metro), Pierce (Pierce Transit), and other counties. Schedule information.  


Public Transit by Light Rail

The Link 2 Line opened on April 27, 2024, adding six new stations in Bellevue and two in Redmond. The 6.6-mile initial segment of the 2 Line includes eight stations, with service every 10 minutes, 16 hours a day, seven days a week. These are the stations in Bellevue:

  • South Bellevue Station
  • East Main Station
  • Bellevue Downtown Station
  • Wilburton Station
  • Spring District Station
  • BelRed Station

In August 2024, the 2 Line is expected to add two more stations in Redmond. The full 2 Line is expected to open in 2025, connecting Bellevue to downtown Seattle. Visit for maps and information about how to ride. 

Bellevue's Best Eats, Drinks, Shopping & Things To Do On The 2 Line Light Rail

Get ready to ride! Sound Transit's new 2 Line opens on April 27, 2024, with 8 new stations from South Bellevue to Redmond Technology. The light rail trains will run every...

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