Visit Bellevue Tourism Councils

The Bellevue Destination Development Plan includes recommendations on the establishment of key destination programs inherent to Bellevue and our regional assets. Visit Bellevue Councils are comprised of individuals, partners, and stakeholders who come together to consult and deliberate to develop ideas, objectives, strategies, and future programs. 

Visit Bellevue Councils will meet three (3) to four (4) times annually and provide regular reports, data and recommendations to the Visit Bellevue Advisory Board and Staff.  



The Bellevue Festivals & Events Council will attract, incubate, and grow events & festivals to Bellevue and serve as a catalyst for economic growth. The Festivals & Events Council will support and celebrate Bellevue’s quality of life, align with the Bellevue Destination Brand, multicultural initiatives and foster a positive image and visitor experience. 



The Multicultural Council stands ready to help prepare Bellevue to welcome the world! We are a city that cares about the hospitality of everyone who visits, convenes, works or lives in Bellevue. We are a city that cherishes our quality of life, celebrates our past, embraces the present as we move forward to our future. As an international destination, Bellevue strives for excellence in diversity, inclusion, and equity within the Bellevue hospitality and tourism industry. 



The Tourism Development Council will work to develop Bellevue’s Tourism & Hospitality Industry by developing partnerships and programs that provide new product development, attractions, experiences, and destination development for Bellevue.