Glide in a Hot Air Balloon

Considered to be a nature walk in the sky, hot air ballooning is one of the most unique and inspiring ways to appreciate our lush landscape, nearby mountains, and gorgeous coastlines. Over The Rainbow is the region's most experienced Hot Air Balloon Company delivering Hot Air Balloon Rides depart just 6 miles north of Bellevue that undeniably have the most spectacular views of Bellevue, Seattle, Lake Washington, Cascade Mountains, and the Puget Sound area. Family-owned and safely operated for over 30 years. Our team’s experience working together shows and instills confidence in our passengers, so you can relax and enjoy the magic of these three hot air balloon experiences.



Our Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Rides meet at sunrise when the winds are the calmest which often permits more airtime for you! The Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride affords 60 – 75 minutes of actual airtime and has the clearest and most gorgeous views of the area than can be had on a Hot Air Balloon Ride. After your flight, you will experience a champagne toast and be taken back to your vehicles.



Our evening Sunset Balloon Rides are a local favorite when you experience the thrill of unbelievable panoramic views of the sun setting over Puget Sound, Bellevue, Seattle, Lake Washington, and the Olympic Mountain Range! The Sunset flight supplies 45 – 60 minutes in the air. After the ride, you will enjoy a special wine-tasting and tour of nearby Matthew’s Winery.



Our shared basket Hot Air Balloon Rides is our best value. Singles, couples, and small groups share a basket making up to a total of 6 to 9 people per balloon. Private Flights are available for a more exclusive experience for groups anywhere from 2 to 24 people. For more information and online booking: Over the Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Ride Service or call 425-487-8611.


Hot Air Balloon Mount Rainier