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Visit Bellevue is pleased to present The Planner's Edge, a new feature highlighting our programs, updates, and features from Bellevue geared to engage and inspire our meeting, event, and convention professionals. Bellevue is one of the fastest-growing cities in North America, be sure to stay updated on our incredible venues, hotels, attractions, transportation investment, and opportunities!

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February 2024

Dining Delights: A Culinary Journey for Event Professionals in Bellevue

Planning a memorable group dining experience is an art, and Bellevue, Washington, is the canvas that brings it to life. Whether you're hosting a board dinner, celebrating a special occasion, or simply Read More

Fresh Air, Fresh Ideas: Exploring Collaborative Outdoor Meeting Spaces in Bellevue

Discover the perfect blend of business and pleasure as you embark on your journey in Bellevue, Washington, known as a city in a park. Break free from the conventional meeting room setup and step into Read More

Beyond Ballrooms: Bellevue's Top Picks for Alternative Meeting Spaces

Transform your next meeting by venturing beyond traditional venues into Bellevue's inspirational spaces. From art studios igniting creativity to modern co-working environments fostering collaboration, Read More

Meet Our Destination Sales Team!

Let’s get to know the dedicated Bellevue Destination Sales team, where decades of expertise meet a passion for excellence in event planning. Our team is committed to ensuring your event in Bellevue is Read More

Winter 2023 Articles

Boost Your Event with Bellevue's Top Team-Building Activities

In the bustling city of Bellevue, we believe in the power of team-building to transform ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. Bellevue offers a range of indoor and outdoor activities that Read More

Seamless Transportation: The Future of Event Planning in Bellevue

As a meeting planner, your priority is to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for your attendees. Bellevue, renowned for its comfortable and vibrant atmosphere, is now set to offer even more with Read More

Unforgettable Day Trips for Your Event Attendees in Bellevue

Bellevue, nestled in the heart of Washington, is more than just a premier destination for meetings and events. It's a gateway to some of the most stunning and memorable day-trip destinations in the Read More

Chef Town, Bellevue | A Foodie Destination with World-Renowned Chefs

Bellevue, Washington, isn't just a hub for business meetings and conventions; it's a paradise for food enthusiasts. Home to celebrated chefs and their innovative culinary creations, Bellevue offers a Read More

Fall 2023 Articles

Live It Up In Bellevue

Discover, Dine, Dance! After a productive day of meetings, there's no better place than Bellevue to unwind and entertain. With its eclectic nightlife options, Bellevue promises an unforgettable Read More

Bellevue: Where Innovation Meets Hospitality

Bellevue, Washington is more than just a beautiful destination; it's a hub of innovation, dedicated to enhancing the experience of every visitor. As you plan your next event or meeting in Bellevue, Read More

Bellevue Welcomes the InterContinental Hotel

The InterContinental Hotel is poised to open in downtown Bellevue in the fourth quarter of 2023. Bringing to the city 252 additional rooms with just under 10,000 square feet of meeting space, the Read More

Rejuvenate at Bellevue’s Great Spas

Sometimes the best ideas come when you aren’t even trying. And sometimes, you just need some self-care. Whatever the reason, Bellevue has many options for your attendees to rejuvenate and refresh. Read More

Winter Articles

New in Bellevue & Coming Attractions

Bellevue has not stopped growing and expanding, including within its culinary and hotel options. New accommodations are on the way and visiting Bellevue is new every time you come. When your delegates Read More

Bellevue Club Hotel: Urban Oasis Retreat in Bellevue

The Bellevue Club Hotel is a true gem in Bellevue. Nestled in a quiet business park this unassuming luxury hotel awaits your discovery. Your attendees will be able to relax, unplug, and have the Read More

Not Just Fun and Games: Mox Boarding House, Forum Social House & Lucky Strike

Engaging the hearts and minds of your attendees is not easily done. Finding a unique venue that can bring attendees together, give them something to do, and feed them in one place is even more Read More

A Multicultural Meeting and Convention Experience

Bellevue is a desirable location for booking conventions because it, not only, offers world-class amenities, but it offers a range of worldly multicultural experiences to delight your attendees and Read More

September/Fall Articles

Welcome to Bellevue Passport: Deals Exclusively for Convention Attendees

Visit Bellevue is delighted to welcome your groups to Bellevue. Your delegates may have a packed schedule, but providing some exclusive deals specifically curated for conventions with 250 or more Read More

Leaf Peepers and Cultural Seekers Unite! Bellevue is Your Town

Summer is sunsetting. Pumpkins, cider, flannel and brightly colored leaves are on the horizon. Fall in Bellevue is beautiful. From bundling up for a leaf-peeping stroll to scouting the hottest fall Read More

Clean and Crisp as a Cosmic Crisp Apple: Bellevue is Safe and Open

In a place where nature and innovation merge, Bellevue offers a location that is engaged, cultured and inclusive. There is nothing more important than your safety and the safety of your attendees. The Read More

Signature Events In Bellevue: Think Big!

Bellevue holds possibilities of all kinds. Ever seen those cities that seem button down and unassuming and then when they have the opportunity to shine you just stand back and say, “Wow! I had no Read More

June Articles

Savor the International Flavor

Access to the outdoors and providing the freshest ingredients is what the Pacific Northwest is all about. Bellevue is a big part of making the most of our ideal location. When it comes to cuisine, Read More

Bellevue Summer Events

Bellevue is a year-round destination. Spring and summer are a great time to enjoy the restorative power of nature in the Pacific Northwest. Check out the Visit Bellevue Visitor Guide Spring/Summer to Read More

Bellevue’s Best and Brightest Here to Serve Your Group

Visit Bellevue launched the inaugural Bellevue Destination Awards on May 4, 2022, to coincide with the National Travel and Tourism Week. The award winners showcase the caliber of people you will Read More

Chef Johnny Loua: Meet A Convention Champion

Chef Johnny Loua is the Executive Chef at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Seattle Bellevue. His humble nature coupled with his Aloha spirit is a meeting planner’s dream. Chef Loua is revolutionizing the Read More

February Articles

Hilton Bellevue: Prime Location and Space

The Hilton Bellevue is a hotel made for meetings and conventions. Located directly across the street from the Sound Transit East Link Lightrail (scheduled to open in 2023), the Hilton provides easy Read More

Special Events & Outdoors Events in Bellevue

Have you ever considered hosting an outdoor event? Bellevue happens to be known as the city in the park, and we have many green spaces perfect for outdoor events. Temperate weather year-round allows Read More

Whip Up Some Teambuilding Sizzle at Whisk

Are you searching for a way to bring some sizzle to your team-building activities? Bellevue's local independent retailer, Whisk, is cooking up just the thing. They offer cooking classes designed for Read More

Bellevue Does Second-Tier Better

We know accessibility, accommodation, and ease are top priorities when planning your event location. Ultimately, you must decide if a first-tier or second-tier city is the right fit logistically and Read More

December Articles

Seattle Marriott Bellevue

The beautiful Seattle Marriott Bellevue is eager to welcome you and your attendees. Don’t be fooled by the name, this full-service hotel is all Bellevue and has a sleek, residential design in its 384 Read More

Your Dedicated Group Concierge

Visit Bellevue has officially launched the Bellevue Mobile Concierge. This progressive web app is designed as an attendee experience tool to provide in-market information and services to Bellevue Read More

Bellevue Welcomes the Avenue Bellevue InterContinental Hotel

Benchmark Resorts & Hotels is making a mark in Bellevue with the Avenue Bellevue InterContinental Hotel which broke ground in January 2019 and is slated to open in Q4 of 2023. Nestled in the heart of Read More

KidsQuest Children’s Museum: A Team Building Opportunity for Kids of All Ages

Bellevue is a city with a beautiful Downtown Park and lots of things for those who are young at heart. If you haven’t considered using a children’s museum as an off-site location, you should take a Read More

August Articles

Team-Building Adventures: Bellevue Zip Line Tours and Aerial Adventure Play Days

Bellevue features an enviable location, at the edge of where cosmopolitan amenities meet magnificent natural lakes and mountain surroundings. In other words, Bellevue is a city in a park. Our parks Read More

Bellevue Wins All-America City Award

Bellevue has been formally recognized as an All-America City by the National Civic League. The awards competition was fierce, but with the tenacity and vision Bellevue is known for, the city Read More

Bellevue’s Diversity Advantage Initiative

Bellevue is proud to be a diverse destination where all people are welcome. The City of Bellevue has long focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) issues and opportunities. We are proud that Read More

Get Creative: Meeting Space at Bellevue Arts Museum

Captivating the minds of your attendees is important, but engaging all your attendees’ creative senses is masterful. The Bellevue Arts Museum (BAM) in the heart of downtown Bellevue is designed to do Read More

May Articles

Hotel 116, A Coast Hotel: Gateway to the Spring District

Hotel 116 provides you a wonderful venue for your next conference or meeting. The hotel is located just 10 miles east of Seattle in the heart of the expanding businesses and shopping district of Read More

What’s New at SEA International Airport (SEA)

Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA) is the tenth busiest airport in the United States. With 31 airlines and 91 non-stop domestic and 28 international destinations including Canada and Mexico, Read More

Team Building Activities in the Spring District and Beyond

Bringing a group of people together for any event can be a challenge. Finding a way for people to connect is even harder. Team building activities in and around the Spring District encompass a wide Read More

Introducing Bellevue's Spring District

Look to the west across Lake Washington while in downtown Bellevue and you will see Seattle. Look to the east and you will see a thriving new 36-acre master plan development called the Spring Read More

Meeting Space on the Edge of Innovation: GIX the Global Innovation Exchange

The newest and hottest area in Bellevue is the Spring District. As the name implies, the growth within this section of Bellevue, east of downtown, is nothing short of spectacular. If you want to go Read More

February Articles

Bellevue Botanical Garden

French for a beautiful view, Bellevue is known as a “city in a park.” Bellevue does not disappoint. Leave your hotel or venue space and you are a few blocks away from a little spot of nature. That Read More

Bellevue Welcomes You Back

Bellevue is thrilled to welcome you back! Due to our low and constantly improving pandemic metrics along with ramped-up vaccine distribution, Bellevue has recently progressed to Phase 2 which allows Read More

Bellevue is Safe & Open: See For Yourself

In a place where nature and innovation merge, Bellevue offers a location that is engaged, cultured and inclusive. There is nothing more important than your safety and the safety of your attendees. Read More

November Articles

Bellevue Gives Meeting Professionals the Edge

Meeting professionals will find many advantages when they book an event in Bellevue. Here are seven reasons why Bellevue is the ideal setting for events large and small. THE IDEAL LOCATION Bellevue Read More

Virtual Event Studio at Meydenbauer Center Theatre

Meydenbauer Center, the boutique convention center in the heart of downtown Bellevue has formed an alliance with their in-house audio-visual company, AV Factory to give you access to a top drawer Read More

Hotel Showcase: The Westin Bellevue and W Bellevue

Ready to create a memorable experience for your group? Explore the Westin Bellevue and W Bellevue, two incredibly connected hotel options in the heart of Bellevue. Bellevue can accommodate groups of Read More

Bellevue is Safe and Open!

Bellevue is committed to your safety and the safety of visitors! Bellevue is rooted in the resilient spirit of the Pacific Northwest and it is in our nature to enjoy the beauty and restorative power Read More

Bellevue is Growing

Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft. Oh, my! Bellevue has experienced exponential growth as we are known to foster innovation, creativity, and style. Explore the great outdoors, indulge in world-class Read More

September Articles

Meydenbauer Center: The Perfect (and Safe) Place to Meet

To be effective, meetings need the right space. And in Bellevue, Meydenbauer Center excels at providing the facilities, amenities, and services that planners need to stage a successful event. Since Read More

Team-Building Excitement & Unforgettable Activities

Whether it’s fast-paced action or mind-bending challenges, Bellevue excels at injecting meetings with excitement. When attendees aren’t in session, in fact, they’ll likely face some hard choices, Read More

Savoring Bellevue's Diverse Cuisine

Bellevue is on the cutting edge of culinary bliss. With chefs who are passionate about creativity and a sophisticated array of menus that incorporate the finest traditions of the Pacific Northwest and Read More

7 Ways to Wow Your Group in Bellevue

Bellevue packs a lot of excitement into one very manageable destination. Whether attendees are enchanted by natural beauty, fascinated by cultural activities, or enjoy the challenge of sports like Read More

June Articles

How To Craft a Perfect Meeting in Bellevue

Meeting professionals don’t have to go it alone when planning an event in Bellevue. The team of meeting, event and convention experts at Visit Bellevue is a valuable partner. The Convention Sales Read More

Engaging Side Trips

Bellevue is the ideal gateway for exploring the vast beauty and fascinating attractions of the Pacific Northwest. Side trips, day trips, and post-meeting excursions are all easily arranged, and the Read More

What's New In Bellevue

Bellevue is one of the most vibrant and growing cities in North America, and nowhere is this more evident than in the many new projects and developments recently completed or now underway around the Read More

Hotels for Every Meeting

One of Bellevue’s biggest selling points is its impressive array of hotel inventory. Planners will find brands and styles to match every budget, group size, and taste, with a total of 5,566 hotel Read More


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