Bellevue’s Newest Destination

Discover the essence of Avenue—from its iconic towers and harmonious Feng Shui elements to the curated retail mix that fosters social connection.

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Shops at Avenue

Luxury living, World-class dining, Designer retail, Unparalleled wellness. All in Bellevue.

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Avenue Plaza

With lush landscapes, dynamic water features, and a sinuous pedestrian concourse, the Plaza is a place for people to relax, converse, and connect with friends...

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Avenue Bellevue - Coming Spring 2024

Discover the captivating ambiance of Avenue Bellevue, inspired by the essence of European town squares, where luxury living, renowned dining, upscale retail, and wellness seamlessly intertwine. Enjoy 2 hours of complimentary valet parking with validation and access to a sky bridge connecting you to fine dining and high-end shopping. Explore 3-Michelin star chef Joshua Skenes’ latest concept, luxury fragrances at Jo Malone London, Parisian flavors at CE LA VI Bellevue, and more.