Pet-Friendly Resources and FAQs

  • Saltwater will upset their tummies. Make sure you have fresh water and a bowl.
  • Sand and pavement can get too hot for their paws. Be mindful of peak sun times.
  • Make sure your pets are up to date on vaccinations and that you have access to those records.
  • Bellevue and King County have leash laws. Please keep your pets safe.
  • Whether you are staying in a hotel or vacation rental, check with management on individual pet policies.
  • Lost or found a pet? Call Animal Rescue
  • Bring something to clean up after your dog!
  • Traveling with your pet through SEA Airport or Port of Seattle? See helpful tips and information HERE.
  • Remember that when your dog is not at a designated off-leash area, it should be leashed when in public.
  • This helps protect the local wildlife and habitats that your tax dollars already pay for. It's the law - officers are on patrol enforcing park rules and issuing fines:
    • Off-leash violation - $25 to $50
    • Unlicensed pet violation - $125 to $250
    • General civil penalties - $50 to $1,000
    • It helps keep other dogs and visitors, particularly children, safe.
    • It helps keep you and your dog safe.
    • Remember to license your pet!