Savory Snacks

Bellevue's cafes, like Honor Coffee, serve up delightful dishes perfect for a light meal on the go.

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Local Brews

Experience the PNW's iconic coffee culture at Third Culture Coffee in Bellevue's Old Main neighborhood

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Cafes and Coffee Shops

Bellevue and the Pacific Northwest is famous for stunning landscapes and incredible coffee. There's no better way to start your day or get a mid afternoon boost while soaking in the view of the Cascade Mountains or our two Bellevue lakefronts than with a cup of your favorite brew. Hot or iced, mocha or macchiato, the regional delicacy of the Puget Sound is Coffee. We take pride in the fact that Starbucks calls our region home, but if you have an aversion to "basic", our curated list of local innovative purveyors will help you find the perfect spot to sip and savor. You may also enjoy inspiration for our Hot Spots for Hot Chocolate in Bellevue.



Bellevue's Coffee Gems: Top Cafés Elevating PNW Brews

Ever found yourself reminiscing about that perfect cup of coffee you once had? Bellevue might just have that and more. Ah, the Pacific Northwest - a region synonymous with...

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Best Boozy Coffee Shops and Cafes in Bellevue

Here in the northwest, coffee shops are some of the best places to hang out, giving way to a vibrant café scene in Bellevue. As an added bonus, some cafés offer...

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