Pet-Friendly Information & Suggestions in and around Bellevue

In Bellevue, we welcome the world – and that most certainly includes your pet! So, we urge you don’t leave your furry friends behind, pack up some treats and let us help you plan a pet-friendly Bellevue vacation you’ll remember forever. Bellevue is known as a pet-friendly destination and after all, we believe that they deserve a vacation too. If your pets love the outdoors, we have them, and you covered. Take them on a hike, play in the water, they’ll go crazy over the Bellevue parks, beaches, and trails. We’ve compiled helpful content and a list of locations around Bellevue that offer attractions and accommodations perfect for both humans and pets. Your furry BFF will thank you for this vacation from his or her daily routine.


Pet-Friendly Places to Stay

Bellevue hotels care about taking good care of pets and rest assured there are plenty of...

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Pet-Friendly Places to Dine

Bellevue offers several pet-friendly restaurants that welcome pets at their establishments, most...

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Pet-Friendly Places to Play

Dogs are allowed in all 70 Bellevue Parks and trails while on leash with only 3 exceptions: beach...

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Boarding, Grooming & Pet Spa Services

Bellevue is known for wellness and self-care so why should your pet not participate? These pampered...

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Pet-Friendly Resources & FAQs

Here are some great tips and information to make traveling with your pet easier.

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