Calling all fashionistas! Ever felt the anticipation of something grand about to unfold right in front of you? That's exactly how we feel about Bellevue Fashion Week, and trust us, you don’t want to miss out.

Picture this: As the crisp September air brushes against your face, you're strolling through the vibrant streets of Bellevue, Washington, surrounded by the buzz of Fashion Week. The Pacific Northwest's very essence seems to echo the rhythms of a catwalk, where nature meets style.


For the 17th year running, The Bellevue Collection is all set to dazzle with its iconic runway shows on September 8-9. Now, this isn't just another fashion event. No, sir. This is where fall fashion comes to life, weaving stories with every garment, every color, and every trend.

The VP of Marketing at the Bellevue Collection, Jennifer Leavitt, puts it beautifully: At The Bellevue Collection, we believe fashion is a powerful expression of individuality. We're not just showcasing fashion; we're celebrating YOU. We want you to find the fun in fashion and be fearless in flaunting your style." And we couldn’t agree more.

Want to catch a glimpse of what to expect? Check out our fashion and wellness ambassador, Emma Cortes, on The Vue during last year’s Fashion Week:

What’s On the Runway?

Two major shows are going to steal the spotlight:

  • The Trend Takeover Runway Show, Sept. 8: A vibrant night unveiling the hottest fall trends. Apart from the stunning display, expect beauty booths, fun photo opportunities, and an atmosphere dripping with style. And hey, who doesn't love gifts and Bellevue promo cards, right?
  • The Collective Runway Show, Sept. 9: Experience a global fashion saga with a local twist. The evening promises upscale brands, delectable hors d'oeuvres, desserts, and gifts that'll make your heart race a little faster.

Remember, every ticket you snag is more than just an entry to this extravaganza. It's a statement. A statement that you stand with organizations like KidsQuest Children’s Museum and Treehouse, ensuring every child can chase their dreams.

Want in on the action? Dive into for tickets and follow The Bellevue Collection's journey on social media. But hurry; these tickets are hotter than a summer's day in Bellevue, and they're selling fast!

Strike a pose in Bellevue!

In the heart of Bellevue, where the beauty of the Pacific Northwest is woven seamlessly with innovation and style, awaits an event that transcends mere fashion. It's about community, aspiration, and stories waiting to be woven. This September, be part of that narrative. After all, why just read about trends when you can live them in Bellevue?