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Adventure Itinerary

Basecamp Bellevue:

A Day of Thrilling Adventures


Breakfast at Bellden Café, Where Community Comes First

Got a full day ahead of you? Kickstart the adventure with a nutritious yet decadent breakfast. Enjoy staple breakfast sandwiches, elevated avocado toast, fruity breakfast bowls, and more. Round out your breakfast with coffee & house made purees and syrups. Labeled the nicest place in WA by reader’s digest, Bellden Café is a pay it forward location with a community-first mindset. Bellden Café has soared to success with the mindset of inclusion and uplifting the community together. Portions of all profits are donated to local charities including trail maintenance, local women’s shelters, and more. Ask your barista for more information.


Morning Mountain Biking Adventure

Now that you’re properly fueled up, it’s time to hit the trails! Put the pedal to the metal on a mountain biking adventure. The Pacific Northwest offers a plethora of trails specifically designed for cyclists, providing an exhilarating alternative to hiking. For a smoother ride, head to the Velodrome located in Redmond. This fully paved bike racetrack is the only velodrome in all of Washington state, offering a unique and exciting biking experience. Didn't bring a bike? No problem! Ride Bicycle offers bike rentals for any biking adventure. Check out our mountain biking episode of The Vue for more information! 


Take a Lunch Break in Castilla, a Taste of Spain

Located in downtown Bellevue, Castilla offers an authentic dining experience under the guidance of Chef Clara Gutierrez Carroll. Drawing inspiration from her home in the Castilla region of Spain, Chef Clara brings a taste of Spain to the Pacific Northwest. Castilla showcases traditional Spanish dishes with the signature Saffron and Seafood rich paella stealing the show. Indulge in Serrano and Bellota Iberico hams and rustic Spanish flatbreads baked in a hearth oven.

Looking to mingle? Enjoy the communal vibe at the farm table, crafted from a single northwest pine, and raise a toast to good food and new friends.


Glide into the Afternoon with a Launch off Poo Poo Point

Looking to elevate your pulse? Take a plunge off Tiger Mountain! Poo Poo Point is a famous paragliding launch location. You’re sure to get some steps in with the 6.9 mile hike up to the point with an elevation gain of 2,063 feet! Prior to launch, soak up breathtaking views of the Bellevue skyline and rolling hills of PNW greenery. Reserve your launch time here. Forgot your hiking shoes? The Paragliding company offers a shuttle ride up to the launch site for an additional cost.


Award Winning Dinner at Farzi Café

Highly regarded by influencers, yelpers, and locals, Farzi Café delivers high quality Indian cuisine. Aiming to revitalize Indian cuisine and bring it back "in vogue." The name "Farzi" embodies the concept of creating illusions through food, offering a gourmet experience that blends traditional global and Indian dishes with contemporary presentations, culinary styles, and ambiance. This modern Indian café boasts a quirky and chic atmosphere, providing guests with a sensory journey through the finest modern Indian cuisine and a high-energy ambiance. No trip to Farzi Café is complete without an order of the cheese jalapeno naan and Fire Jackfruit Chettinad.


Ending the Day on a Thrill at Sandbox VR

After a hype day unplugged, relax and plug into Sandbox VR. Featuring 8 custom games aimed at bringing groups together for a thrilling shared experience fighting dragons, swarms of zombies, gladiator style matches, or competing in your own Squid Games! Be sure to leave the salt in the room after the games!