We know 2020 was challenging on many levels, among other things people miss seeing friends + family and the freedom of traveling, we have the perfect safe solution for this Winter to get you through the final weeks of the Pandemic… A Bellevue Staycation!

First-of-all, many people may not think you’re having 'a break’ just because you didn’t travel far from home. False, Bellevue provides a great escape and allows you to disconnect from your daily routine. Relax, rejuvenate and get away from your home with some uninterrupted enjoyment time, treat yourself or take time to try something new. Sound nice? We agree wholeheartedly. As a result of the pandemic, prices and crowds are down and our hotels and businesses have become best in class experts at keeping you safe and healthy. 





Culinary Bliss

Take time to support our incredible local restaurants this Winter! Bellevue takes great pride in being a celebrated inclusive, well-cultured, and fun culinary destination that has developed into one of North America’s fast-growing culinary standouts. Discover how Bellevue has become an oasis for the cult obsession of the brilliant and bubbly hot pot.

Plan an unforgettable evening at one of Bellevue’s iconic steakhouses or enjoy one of our suggestions for family-friendly dining adventures. 

Satisfy your sweet tooth with decadent hot chocolate beverages from some of Bellevue's most popular cafes and chocolatiers.

Girlfriends Getaway

Bellevue is the most popular Girlfriend Getaway destination in the Pacific Northwest. The safe, clean, and pristine connected environment provides an unrivaled elevated local to global experience. From our Shopping, Fashion, Dining, Entertainment, and Culture to Wine Tasting, Brunch, and Brew Pubs, round out your weekend with a cooking lesson from Whisk. Connecting with your girlfriends has never been more important. 

Fitness, Wellness and Workouts

The Bellevue Club is a premier hotel, athletic and social club in Bellevue, the Bellevue Club is 250,000 square feet of world-class fitness facilities, innovative dining spaces with unique recreational, social, and business areas. TheBellevue Club Hotel, a luxury 66-room boutique hotel, and a full-service spa with cutting-edge wellness offerings. Combining the latest cardio and weightlifting equipment with stunning aesthetics to create a workout experience that’s truly inspired. yoga, spin, barre, Pilates, strength training, and more 

TruFusionBellevue is a luxegroup fitness epicenter offering heated and unheated Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Bootcamp, Kettlebell, Battle Ropes, Boxing, and TRX. Over 65 class styles to choose from. Enjoy the organic health bar and a culture of customer service focused on YOU!

Pro Club Bellevue is a premier health and fitness club in Bellevue offering a wide array of fitness classes and a world-class spa, designed to help you make the most of your health featuring resort-style facilities and state-of-the-art fitness, an award-winning spa, and a salon.

LifeTime Bellevue is a luxury athletic resort located at The Bravern in Bellevue. You'll find an expansive fitness floor, group fitness studios, upscale locker rooms, saunas, steam rooms, a spa, a café, stunning spaces, all dedicated to the pursuit of healthy living. 




Relaxing Spa Days

From facials, massage, body treatments to hydrotherapy, Bellevue offers over 50 spas that create an unparalleled escape to focus on your wellness and self-care. Let these Bellevue spa destinations help make your Staycation extra special. 

Salt Spa Bellevue provides salt therapy, massage, energy bodywork, meditation, and yoga. Escape the daily rush! Enjoy our Salt Therapy, which relieves symptoms of Allergies, Asthma, Cold, Flu, Insomnia, and more. This is an all-natural, drug-free therapy that benefits the lungs, skin, body, and mind. 

Float Bellevue provides floatation therapy while escaping gravity for an hour in darkness and quietude is a simple and effective way for you to heal and reconnect. 

Luxurious spa options like TRUCESpa, East meets West Yuan Spa, the modern Recoop Spa

Revitalize and detox at Bellevue Citysweats providing a good, healthy sweat designed to release stored toxins and stress. 



Style, Fashion & Shopping

Bellevue is one of the world’s foremost shopping destinations. Known as the Pacific Northwest’s fashion mecca, Bellevue boasts a wide variety of bold, eclectic, and international shopping experiences. Highlighted by an impressive number of brands, upscale shops, boutiques, and vintage retailers, our shopping scene is much more than having the most beautiful storefronts. Encompassed by unparalleled hospitality, natural beauty, and luxurious accommodation options, we hope to show you what it means to Shop in Bellevue.