RBE Team Events

  • Address: 2320 130th Ave NE Building E, Suite LL-30, Bellevue, WA 98005
  • Phone: (425) 577-6818
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Welcome to our newest offering, RBE Team Events! RBE Team Events is a perfect adventure for groups of 12 - 60+ who want the same shared experience. You'll find the classic Reality Break escape type experience but able to accommodate your entire group, playing the same game at the same time. Not just limited to classic escape rooms, RBE Team Events offers a host of options from unique and interactive game play to murder mysteries. Hosted at our brand new location featuring a great event space in North Bellevue.

Come relax, play, eat, drink, laugh, solve a mystery, collaborate all in the same space. Perfect for team building or simply having a great time with your entire group, RBE Team Events has something for everyone!