Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park

  • Address: 18201 SE Cougar Mountain Drive, Bellevue, WA 98027
  • Phone: (425) 643-5306
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-Access Points: Red Town Trailhead; Sky Country Trailhead; Anti-Aircraft Peak Trailhead; Wilderness Creek Trailhead

Found within the “Issaquah Alps” region just minutes east of Bellevue, Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park is an expansive 3,115-acre forested park filled with native wildlife and remnants of Washington’s cultural and natural history. Over the years, Cougar Mountain has been home to Native Americans, miners, loggers, and the US army. The park now features a diverse wildlife habitat including second growth forests, streams and wetlands, and cliffs and caves that provide a home to a variety of species.

The park offers recreational opportunities for visitors and is a great place to head for a casual hike. There are various trails that pass by creeks, marshes, and waterfalls, as well as beautiful summits with views of Lake Sammamish, the Cascades, Seattle, and Bellevue. Hikers are sure to spot small native wildlife species and occasionally, black bears and bobcats can also be seen. The park’s trails are also a popular destination for horseback riding and trail running. Additionally, the park is connected to Squak Mountain State Park by the Cougar-Squak Corridor, creating a protected area of public land comprising over 5,000 acres.