Thank you for rocking it, Bellevue!

During Labor Day Weekend, Bellevue welcomed thousands of visitors for the St. Jude Rock 'n' Roll Running Series Washington. The event was a huge success, and we are thrilled the visitors were able to experience our spectacular city.

An event of this proportion takes an incredible amount of coordination, and we are grateful for the efforts of all involved. Thank you to our great city staff, including police, parks, transportation, medical partners, hundreds of volunteers, enthusiastic entertainers, elected council members, event sponsors, and other community service heroes for making this incredible event possible. From complex logistics to kind interactions between locals and visitors, these efforts are a testament to Bellevue's greatness. To Bellevue's residents, a special thank you for being beacons of hospitality and graciously welcoming our visitors.

Thank you to all the visitors who chose to invest in memories made in Bellevue. Visitors from 40 states and seven countries contributed a positive economic impact of ~$5 million in visitor spending. The event was a success for Bellevue's community, hospitality & tourism industry, and economic development. These positive economic impacts on our community are helping us grow in our evolution as a premier destination, and we will continue the investment in elevating Bellevue's visitor experience.

In Bellevue, we take pride in our safe, clean city where businesses thrive, and people enjoy a high quality of life. We are grateful for every opportunity to show the world this beautiful place we call home. So, again, thank you to every member, volunteer, and resident for making this event possible. We hope for many more in the future!