Do you have travel resolutions that include being more conscientious and opting for sustainable travel options? You’re not alone. According to Trip Advisor’s insights on 2022 travel trends, travelers are interested in vacations with better impacts on themselves and their hosts. In Bellevue, we strive to make visits meaningful and provide options for learning and growth in our beautiful city.

Take a class

Be brave and try something new! A vacation is a great time to learn a new skill or explore a hobby. If you're vacationing in the Pacific Northwest and want to learn how to cook, we have just the thing for you.

Whisk in Bellevue is a culinary studio and independent retailer featuring a curated selection of kitchenware and cooking classes. Their cooking classes empower participants with the valuable hands-on experience they can bring back to their everyday lives. Participants connect while experiencing our regional passion for cuisine.

Whisk designed its classes for people with any culinary skill level. The class subjects range from basic skills to teaching specialized dishes like Sourdough 101, Kids in the Kitchen-French Macaron, and Pacific Northwest Feasts. To check out Whisk, watch Rashad’s tour on The Vue.

Shop Local

Put your hard-earned money to good use and shop local. Bellevue’s Main Street is home to local businesses that carry exceptional handcrafted and sustainable goods. When you choose to shop at local retailers, your dollars fuel local economies and contribute to a greater cause.

Glassybaby is a cherished retailer in Bellevue and a must-visit for all. They specialize in hand-blown sustainable glass products designed to bring hope and lift spirits… literally. From every purchase, the Glassybaby Foundation gives $5 to help to heal people, animals, and our planet. Glassybaby was even featured by Oprah and Martha Stewart for its gorgeous glasswork and philanthropic efforts. A visit to Glassybaby will leave you with a stunning piece of handcrafted glasswork and a contribution to a good cause.

For sustainability and the promotion of fair trade, we love the Alicia Peru boutique brings to Main Street. The expertly curated boutique offers the finest quality alpaca fashions and accessories sustainably sourced and locally designed. The Alpaca knit is fair trade and fashioned into chic staples and lovely home furnishings. Alicia Peru's unique pieces are timeless, and the buyer will cherish them for years to come.

Take a Tour

Eating and shopping your way through a new city is great fun, but it’s a privilege to connect with a city’s ecosystem. Bellevue is surrounded by natural beauty, and the city offers guided tours to help visitors explore its local landscapes. Visitors can be immersed in the region’s natural beauty while learning about the indigenous animals, botanicals, and landscapes that make Bellevue so special.

The Mercer Slough is Bellevue’s beautiful wetlands that can be explored by trails or water. The City of Bellevue offers guided educational tours through the Mercer Slough where guests learn about the importance of this impressive ecosystem.

For visitors who love the foliage of the Pacific Northwest, the Bellevue Botanical Garden is a must. The “garden” is technically a 53-acre public park and home to multiple gardens such as the: Native Discovery Garden, the Yao Garden, Fuchsia Garden, the Urban Meadow, and Dahlia Display. Starting in April 2022, guided docent tours will resume.  

Make it Count!

Incorporating hobbies, spending conscientiously, and learning are excellent ways to double the impact of your vacations. Bellevue makes meaningful travel easy and offers enriching experiences that you will cherish forever.