Lunar New Year in Bellevue

Lunar New Year is well celebrated in Bellevue, Washington. As one of the most important celebrations of the year for East and Southeast Asian cultures such as China, Korea, and Vietnam, it begins with the first new moon of the lunar calendar and spans 15 days of beloved traditions – until the full moon arrives. This year, Lunar New Year celebrates the Year of the Dragon from February 10, 2024 through February 24th.

Each culture celebrates Lunar New Year differently, but all of them involve being with friends, family, and loved ones while celebrating the end of winter and the onset of spring. There’s always a lot of food involved, and everyone is wishing each other good luck, good health, and a prosperous new year. Loud noises, dancing lions and firecrackers help usher away the ghosts and negative energies of yesteryear. Bright red and gold decorations go up, symbolizing good luck, prosperity, abundance, and good things to come.

Lunar New Year Events in Bellevue, Washington

Lunar New Year at The Bellevue Collection

Jumpstart your Year of the Dragon celebration with The Bellevue Collection on Saturday, February 3. At Bellevue Square’s Center Court, watch cultural performances including martial arts, music, dance, and visual arts. You won’t want to miss the Chinese Lion and Dragon Parade. Participate in traditional arts and crafts activities such as Chinese knotting artwork, dragon painting, lantern making, traditional paper art, lucky red envelopes, and more.

Now through February 4, Bellevue Square will be decorated with festive traditional décor, hanging dragons, and spectacular color. You can also taste your way through The Bellevue Collection’s Lunar New Year Dining Guide.

Red Envelopes, Paper Cutting, and More at Bellevue Arts Museum

Celebrate Lunar New Year on Sunday, February 11 with a free, family-friendly event at the Bellevue Arts Museum. There’s a Chinese paper cutting workshop, highlighting jianzhi, a traditional art form where intricate designs are hand-cut from red paper to bring good luck in the new year. Visitors will also be able to make and decorate their own red envelope, known as hongbao or lai see. Red envelopes are usually filled with money and gifted to family and friends during the Lunar New Year to promote good fortune and blessings. In the afternoon, enjoy a dance performance by the Huaying Performing Arts Group.

Lunar New Year Dining Options

Bellevue is known for its diverse and delicious international cuisine, and our Chinese restaurants are especially noteworthy. Here are some of our top picks for celebrating the Lunar New Year:

Baron's Sino Kitchen & Bar

Baron's offers modernized versions of classic Chinese cuisine, making it unlike any other restaurant in Bellevue. The luxurious decor is sure to impress, and their fine-dining approach is perfect for a special occasion like the Lunar New Year. Baron's also has a full-service bar with delicious cocktails made by world-class mixologists. With three private dining rooms and a large dining room that can accommodate up to 290 people, Baron's is a great choice for groups. Check out Nelson’s incredible Lunar New Year feast on the Vue.


Facing East

This beloved Chinese restaurant was named 425 Magazine's Best Chinese Restaurant in 2021. Facing East offers a wide variety of traditional Taiwanese food that is loved by locals and tourists alike. They have recently moved to a new location and now offer pick-up-only options, which are perfect for celebrating at home with family and friends. Don't forget to try their famous Taiwanese pork burger!

Din Tai Fung

This world-renowned Chinese restaurant is the place to be for dumplings and noodles during the Lunar New Year. With a non-fussy dining service and ultra-fresh dumplings made onsite, Din Tai Fung is perfect for larger parties. Visitors can even watch the dumplings being made! Join Nelson as he walks through the menu for his favorite Lunar New Year order on the Vue.


Elevate your Lunar New Year with Bellevue's Exquisite Treats!

Bellevue’s beloved cafes and bakeries are embracing the spirit of the Lunar New Year with an array of treats that not only delight the palate but come adorned with Year of the Dragon flair. These unique creations are more than just desserts; they're symbols of fortune and joy, adding a touch of magic to the festivities.

Café Aloe’s Dragon Char Siu Bun: Unleash the dragon with Café Aloe’s enchanting Dragon Char Siu Buns. More than just a treat, these buns are a work of art, featuring playful horns and charming dragon faces. Perfect for ringing in the Lunar New Year, these buns pair wonderfully with Café Aloe’s selection of rich coffees, making every bite a celebration.

Coffeeholic Lunar New Year Red Envelope Giveaway: Immerse yourself in the jubilant Lunar New Year atmosphere at Coffeeholic. Adorned with festive décor and vibrant red lanterns, they invite you to partake in the tradition by dressing in your finest Ao Dai. Spend $25 or more and receive a lucky red envelope, a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. Don’t forget to indulge in their signature matcha lattes or the decadent Tiramisu Egg Coffee for a complete festive experience.

Lunar New Year Celebration Cake at Le Experience Paris: For those seeking to impress, Le Experience Paris offers the ultimate Lunar New Year delicacy – the Quatre-Quarts Lime & Matcha cake. Inspired by the dragon's symbolic virtues of power and luck, this cake is a masterpiece of flavors. Crafted from a moist Quatre-quarts base, infused with the zest of lime and the earthiness of matcha, and filled with a creamy ganache montée of Ivoire white chocolate and green tea, it strikes a perfect harmony of flavors. This cake is not just a dessert; it's a festive centerpiece destined to dazzle your Lunar New Year table.


Refresh and Renew for a Great New Year

Clear out the old clutter and rejuvenate your body during your Lunar New Year getaway in Bellevue. Our city is home to some of the most sought-after shopping districts in the Pacific Northwest and luxurious spas that are perfect for giving yourself a new start this year.

Yuan Spa

Relax and rejuvenate at Yuan Spa, which offers a blend of ancient Asian healing philosophies and modern western technologies. The spa features traditional Chinese bathing, two hydrotherapy soaking pools, and a Eucalyptus steam room.


Happy Lunar New Year!

Bellevue has everything you need to make your Lunar New Year celebration special. Whether you're away from home or visiting family, a trip to our city is the perfect way to celebrate. For those reuniting with family in Bellevue, our many hotels offer comfort and privacy. And with some of the best Chinese cuisine on the West Coast and a wide range of shopping options, you'll have no shortage of ways to celebrate. Wishing you a happy and prosperous Year of the Rabbit!