Experience "Harry Potter™: Magic at Play" at the Shops at the Bravern

Head to The Shops at the Bravern to get to the Wizarding World, where traveling exhibit “Harry Potter: Magic at Play” has taken over the space next to Prada for an immersive, magical adventure. Fun for the whole family and fun for the young wizard in all of us, experience Quidditch training games, visit Platform 9 ¾, enjoy sweet treats at the Butterbeer Bar, and more at this interactive experience.  

Official Harry Potter Magic at Play Merch

Photo courtesy of Harry Potter™: Magic at Play

Official Harry Potter™ Merchandise and Gift Shop  

As soon as you enter the Great Hall doors, you’ll arrive at the expansive gift shop filled with exclusive merchandise and limited-edition apparel, accessories, novelties, and collectibles for the whole family. Prepare for a magical shopping experience that feels like Diagon Alley and be sure to check out the limited edition Magic at Play wand as you shop for house gear, robes, toys, and more. 

Butterbeer Bar at Harry Potter: Magic at Play

Photo courtesy of Harry Potter™: Magic at Play

The Butterbeer™ Bar 

Head on to the back and pop a seat at the Butterbeer™ Bar and hold on to those exhilarating feelings of childlike joy. Sip and savor the beloved beverage and themed food items, such as Honeydukes™ treats.  

Harry Potter: Magic at Play

Photo courtesy of Harry Potter™: Magic at Play

Photo Ops and Interactive Experiences 

The ticketed interactive experience of Magic at Play is an exploration into the entire franchise, from Privet Drive and Hogsmead to the Hogwarts Boathouse and the sport of Quidditch. Pose with the sorting hat, hop on a Quidditch broom, and survive the Forbidden Forest to cast a Patronous as a photo op. Full of new experiences and never-seen-before displays and exhibitions, Magic at Play promises fantastic photo ops at every corner so that guests can feel truly immersed in the Wizarding World. Come curious and celebrate magic.  

Tickets for Harry Potter™: Magic at Play Seattle in Bellevue 

Tickets are available for purchase online at https://harrypottermagicatplay.com/seattle/ for timed entry, starting at $29 for adults and $22.50 for children 9 and under.   

Private Bookings 

Make your next celebration a magical one, where “Happee Birthdae” and other group packages for a tailored Magic at Play experience. Enjoy the experience with a group of colleagues, students, or friends in a special way. Learn more at https://harrypottermagicatplay.com/seattle/groups/.

Bellevue is Where the Magic is

Bellevue beckons with its enchantment, where the magic of the Harry Potter: Magic at Play installation awaits. Ideal for families or anyone young at heart, this wizarding wonderland promises an unforgettable experience. After mastering spells and soaring in a game of Quidditch, extend the adventure with a stroll through The Shops at the Bravern and stop for a delightful hot-pot meal at The Dolar Shop. With excellent nearby hotels, Bellevue is the perfect spot for a weekend filled with magical moments. Dive deeper into this spellbinding world with Kara's captivating tour on The Vue, and let Bellevue's magic weave its spell on you.