Bellevue Fashion Week, BrickCon 2033, and Northwest Ukrainian Festival

Bellevue, long celebrated for its picturesque landscapes and urban vibes, is gearing up be the epicenter of a remarkable end-of-summer celebration. If you're planning your end-of-summer September getaway, look no further than Bellevue for the weekend of September 8-10. With three stellar events coinciding, it's the perfect opportunity to relish in the joys of fashion, LEGO creativity, and a rich tapestry of Ukrainian culture.

Discover Your Style at the Bellevue Fashion Week

The Pacific Northwest’s premier fashion event is back! The Bellevue Collection’s Bellevue Fashion Week is set to be one of the most anticipated fashion events of the year. Celebrate 17 years of dazzling displays, where the runway becomes a canvas for fall's most enchanting looks. Whether you're a fashion aficionado or just love a good show, it promises two nights of pure elegance.

Kick off with the Trend Takeover Runway Show on September 8, a spirited evening where fall’s latest trends unfold. Meanwhile, the Collective Runway Show on September 9 promises a global fashion experience with a unique Pacific Northwest twist.

This isn't just about fashion, though. Embrace the true spirit of giving as 100% of the ticket sales will be channeled towards noble causes – KidsQuest Children’s Museum and Treehouse. To get a feel for the event, watch our fashion and Wellness ambassador, Emma Cortes, as she explores the runway at last year’s Bellevue Fashion Week.


Step Into a Builders World at BrickCon 2023

Attention all LEGO lovers! This beloved builder’s convention has moved to the east side. A shift from its usual location, this year Bellevue warmly welcomes BrickCon 2023 to the Meydenbauer Center. Celebrating its 22nd year, this is not just an exhibition; it's a celebration of imagination, creativity, and the simple joy of building with LEGO.

From September 7-10, enthusiasts from around the globe will congregate, presenting mind-blowing LEGO creations. Open to the public on September 9 and 10, it offers everyone a chance to marvel at these intricate designs, shop for rare sets and custom pieces, and perhaps ignite or rekindle their own love for this timeless hobby.


Appreciate Bellevue’s Cultures at the Northwest Ukrainian International Festival

Experience the heart of Ukrainian culture without ever leaving Bellevue. The Northwest Ukrainian International Festival, established in 2016, returns to celebrate the vivacious local Ukrainian community. The Bellevue Downtown Park will be bursting with colors, music, and the infectious joy that such gatherings bring on September 9.

Tantalize your taste buds with authentic Ukrainian dishes, dance to the rhythm of live bands, and immerse yourself in traditions that have withstood the test of time. From embroidered clothing to trout fishing, there's an activity for every age.

Moreover, this festival is more than just a cultural showcase. It's a bridge connecting communities and reinforcing the harmonious relations between the Ukrainian community and the broader population of the Northwest. To learn more about appreciating the Ukrainian Culture of the Pacific Northwest, check out our multicultural resource hub.


Stay the night and experience them all!

To make the most of this unforgettable weekend, why not consider an overnight stay? Bellevue has great lodging options to suit all budgets, ensuring that your festival-filled weekend is both comfortable and convenient.

Whether you’re sashaying down the fashion runway, building memories brick by brick, or soaking in the vibrant essence of Ukrainian culture, Bellevue promises a weekend of pure delight. Come visit Bellevue and experience all the wonder of these worlds in one place and make memories that will last a lifetime!