On a quest for some of the very best sushi in the Pacific Northwest - All roads lead to Bellevue showcasing some of the most authentic, freshest sushi and sashimi that can be found.

In the mood for sushi, maki, sashimi, nigiri, oshizushi — it’s all here, fresh from the ocean salmon, tuna, clams, oysters, octopus, or sea urchin to the specialty rolls we all love. Our fresh ingredients certainly take center stage and together with our extensive knowledgeable chefs and welcoming spaces combine for a tantalizing sushi experience.

Explore some of these great options in and around Bellevue:



Ascend Prime Steak & Sushi 

Ascend Steak and Sushi is a renowned Japanese-American fusion restaurant in the heart of Bellevue. It combines prime beef, premium seafood, and innovative sushi to create a highly diversified menu. If you want a cocktail and a quick sushi roll, Ascend offers a casual lounge that offers amazing views of the Bellevue area. If you’re looking for a complete dining experience, Ascend has a beautiful dining room equipped with amazing servers and delicious dishes.

Seastar Restaurant

Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar is an award-winning restaurant that offers a wide range of sushi and grill menu items. The head chef, John Howie, has received many accolades for his creative and innovative dishes. Seastar can accommodate big parties and is family-friendly. They serve many variations of nigiri, sashimi, and maki sushi. If you are looking for fresh, authentic sushi, Seastar Restaurant is a must-go.  

Japonesa Sushi Cocina

Japonesa is a Japanese core restaurant with hints of Latin influence. They take traditional sushi elements and combine them with ingredients like jalapeno, cilantro, and mango. This creates a highly diversified menu and unique dining experience. Japonesa’s menu is heavily focused on sushi rolls and other raw bar selections. The restaurant itself offers a luxurious ambiance, and indoor and outdoor seating.




I Love Sushi on Lake Bellevue

I Love Sushi serves fresh fish from local and Japanese fish markets rooted in Japanese technique offering delicious, premium sushi also offers a wide array of other Japanese foods, including SukiyakiSashimi and Tempura.

Flo Japanese Sushi Restaurant & Sake Bar

Flo Japanese Sushi Restaurant & Sake Bar is a fashionable Japanese restaurant offering traditional sushi dinner, a fully-stocked sake bar, or simply a place to get a high-quality teriyaki. 

Kiku Sushi 

Kiku Sushi is an intimate Japanese restaurant specializing in thoughtfully sourced fresh seafood & sushi   

Sushi in Joy 

Sushi in Joy offers Inventive made to order sushi in their unique Japanese sushi bar.

Kobe Bellevue Restaurant

Kobe is a no-frills Pan-Asian outpost for sushi, ramen, deep-fried Japanese fare & Korean bibimbop known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and high-quality fresh ingredients.


Located in Old Bellevue, Ginza serves authentic Japanese cuisine through an extensive menu including quality sushi and other Japanese favorites including the special otsumami menu showcasing an assortment of small plates for sharing and are perfect for accompanying our selection of sake and beer. 


Kura Sushi is Bellevue’s newest traditional revolving sushi bar offering fresh yet affordable sushi experiences.




We understand you have a love for sushi but want it on the go. We have you covered when the cravings come and these great locations will have your order in your hands in a matter of minutes and you can be back to the hotel, meeting, or office in no time!

Sushi Kudasai

Sushi Kudasai is located in Skyline Tower offering high-quality sushi and other Japanese favorites in a fast serve setting. One of Bellevue’s favorites for sushi on the go! 

Musashi’s Sushi & Grill

Musashi's is an unassuming restaurant offering affordable and fresh sushi!

Sushi Me 

Sushi Me offers a fine sushi experience in a contemporary kaiten (conveyor belt) setting without sacrificing quality and authenticity offered in traditional Japanese cuisines. 

Tokyo Japanese Restaurant 

Tokyo Japanese Restaurant is a high-quality, no-frills spot known for sushi, nontraditional rolls, and bento boxes. 

Rolls and Rolls Plus Sushi

The name says it all; Rolls and Rolls Plus Sushi offers dine-in or take-out and over 101 rolls. 


Want to take your Bellevue sushi experience to the next level? The Art of Sushi offered by Whisk is a hands-on class to learn about sushi making from Chef Thanh Tang showing you the proper tools and processes to make Nigiri, Maki, and Uramaki style sushi. Discuss the best ingredients, all the how-to’s from our Asian expert!