Nestled within the heart of the Pacific Northwest, this bustling urban gem offers more than a captivating skyline and cultural attractions. It's a melting pot of culinary creations from all over the world. For taco enthusiasts, it's nothing short of a paradise. Journey with us as we uncover some of the best taco spots that Bellevue has to offer. From sit-down Mexican restaurants with jaw-dropping décor to taco trucks with loyal followings, these top 10 taco spots will fulfill your taco cravings.

A Luxurious Taco Affair: Sit-Down Mexican Cuisine

Picture this: Sipping a fine tequila while nibbling on gourmet guacamole, all amidst a setting that transports you straight to the heart of Mexico. Sometimes we a quick bite will do just fine, but these amazing restaurants deliver the full cultural experience that is Mexican Cuisine.

Cantina Monarca

The minute Cantina Monarca opened its artisanal teak doors, Bellevue took a collective gasp. The elegant Tulum-inspired architecture is complemented by an equally tantalizing menu. Their Sakura Pork Belly and Wagyu Chingon tacos are a testament to culinary creativity. And when paired with their mezcal-infused roasted pineapple? Divine! Dive deeper with Nelson's Cantina exploration on The Vue.


Cactus Southwest Kitchen & Bar

A name synonymous with culinary consistency, Cactus Southwest Kitchen & Bar marries the best of Southwest and Mexican cuisines. Cactus SouthWest Kitchen & Bar offers a wide variety of specialty tacos including Smoked Brisket tacos, Jackfruit Tinga Tacos, Baja Fish Tacos, and Crispy Camarones in a spicy diablo sauce with ginger and mango slaw. Large menu selection, and a great bar scene with spicy margs, specialty cocktails, and a great mocktail selection.


Cielo Cocina Mexicana

Cielo Cocina Mexicana is more than a restaurant—it's a family legacy from Jalisco, the heart of Mariachi and Tequila. Each dish sings of tradition and the freshest ingredients. Their outdoor space, with those cozy firepits, beckons for some carnitas taco indulgence.


Flavors on the Fly: Bellevue’s Casual Mexican Spots

If you’re looking for a casual spot to grab some to-go food or eat quickly, these restaurants are a great choice. They deliver maximum flavor at maximum convenience!

El Rinconsito

El Riconsito is an authentic and fast, it's the neighborhood go-to. Whether you crave classic tacos or a yummy dessert, they've got the magic.


Serving you the best in traditional Mexican food, Amanos! makes its food fresh daily. Tacos al pastor, burritos, quesadillas, salads and more. They are locally owned, and their specialty is classic Mexican street food with a Northwest twist. They focus on fresh, quality local ingredients to craft delicious tacos, tortas, and burritos.

Tapatio Factoria

Tapatio Factoria servers delicious burritos, enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas, and all other authentic Mexican food.  Full bar, cocktails, wine, and beer.

Ricardo’s Family Mexican Restaurant

Ricardo’s Family Mexican Restaurant is a traditional family restaurant featuring traditional Mexican entrees, drinks, and various dishes. The menu includes a great taco selection as well as appetizers, and combos options.

Mobile Delights: Bellevue's Iconic Taco Trucks

The place to find the most authentic and binge-worthy tacos can be found not at a fancy restaurant but at a convenient taco truck. The tastiness of the taco truck can is often directly proportional to the length of the lined-up lunch that goes queued up for yummy tacos. These taco trucks might be small, but the flavors they deliver are mighty. Join Nelson on the Vue for the ultimate foodie exploration of the Bellevue Taco Truck scene.


Taqueria Los Chilangos

When a truck becomes a legacy. Taqueria Los Chilangos offers dishes that are as rich in history as they are in flavor, thanks to family recipes passed down through generations.

La Chingona Taqueria

When eating at La Chingona Taqueria, it isn’t just a meal, but a celebration. Sandra & Edgar's dedication is evident in every taco, with recipes inspired by family traditions and regional Mexican classics.

West Coast Tacos

Dive into a flavor wave at West Coast Tacos! West Coast Tacos isn’t just a quick service joint; they’re one of Bellevue’s newest tantalizing taco adventures. Every bite, crafted from the freshest top-tier ingredients, sends your taste buds on a delightful West Coast journey. Located in the newly re-opened Lincoln South Food Hall on the 2nd floor of Lincoln Square.

Bellevue- The Ultimate Taco Hot Spot

Tacos, in Bellevue's culinary landscape, are more than just a dish—they're an experience. Whether you prefer a plush dining setting or the humble charm of a truck, Bellevue promises a taco that resonates with your palate. On your next Bellevue escapade, relish the flavor, embrace the culture, and treasure the tales spun around each taco.


Are there vegetarian or vegan taco options available in these places? Absolutely! Many restaurants, like Cactus Southwest Kitchen & Bar, offer delightful vegetarian tacos like the Jackfruit Tinga.

Do taco trucks operate all year round? Yes, most taco trucks like La Chingona Taqueria and Taqueria Los Chilangos operate throughout the year.

How do I keep track of new taco spots popping up in Bellevue? Stay tuned to The Vue for updates on Bellevue's ever-evolving culinary scene.