Bellevue features an enviable location, at the edge of where cosmopolitan amenities meet magnificent natural lakes and mountain surroundings. In other words, Bellevue is a city in a park. Our parks and nature offer beautiful scenery and are always filled with treasures waiting to be discovered. Pair these views with blood-pumping exhilaration, and the result is a great way to build lasting bonds among any team. The Bellevue Zip Line Tour and the Aerial Adventure Day are two great adventures for attendees and are sure to provide memorable experiences. The zip line tour includes seven zip lines, two suspension bridges, and two short hikes. The aerial adventure is a challenge course that is yours to explore for 2.5 hours. Transportation is quick and easy with our many hired transportation options or an easy public transit bus ride (Metro 240, 241, or 271) from the Bellevue Transit Center to the South Bellevue Community Center. Bring your team together, and they will leave transformed and with a smile.

Zip Line Tour