The pandemic has caused sorrow, pain, hardship, and countless problems for our society. One challenge faced by everyone is the lost sense of community and belonging that’s inherently cultivated through in-person, face-to-face interactions. Now with COVID-19 vaccines and the wide availability of them for everyone who wants to get one, we can return to ‘the normal’ including office work and in-person activities, events - allowing people to once again spend time together and rebuild our community spirit. Although Washington State and Western Region were unfortunately first to lockdown and have been slower than others to reopen, the time has finally arrived. The time to not just to reopen our workplaces, but time to allow and facilitate our community to reconnect at every aspect of our daily lives which is now more important than ever before.

As we all come together again in person, we celebrate National Travel & Tourism Week and how we can use the Power of Travel to remember and celebrate what a tremendous place Bellevue is, our high quality of life, incredible natural and physical spaces, and to seek out for what we have in common. Bellevue’s Hospitality Industry will be here to help us all rebuild and restore our sense of place and celebrate our tremendous community after being physically apart? Across industries, cultures, and neighborhoods, we will continue to provide the venues, spaces, and hospitality to help us cultivate the belonging, purpose, and meaning that residents and visitors crave.

Bellevue’s Travel & Hospitality Industry proudly celebrates:

  • Stylish destination for our colleagues, friends, and relatives to Visit

  • Culturally Inspired Cuisine

  • Creativity and innovation

  • Beauty and Power of the Outdoors

  • A sensory exploration of culture, arts, fashion, and community heritage

  • Attractions and Activities

  • Community Events & Celebrations

  • World-class retail and shopping