Planning a memorable group dining experience is an art, and Bellevue, Washington, is the canvas that brings it to life. Whether you're hosting a board dinner, celebrating a special occasion, or simply arranging a gathering among colleagues, Bellevue offers a delectable array of group dining and private spaces to cater to your every need.

Experience the epitome of sophistication in Bellevue's private dining rooms. These spaces provide an intimate setting for your group, allowing for seamless conversations and personalized service. Choose from a variety of culinary themes and settings to suit your event including steakhouses like Ascend Prime Steak & Sushi, Daniel’s Broiler, El Gaucho, and John Howie Steak. Or maybe while you are in the Pacific Northwest you are eager to try some fresh seafood, then explore Water Grill, Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar, or Duke’s Seafood Restaurant.  Any way you cut it, Bellevue has the private dining experience for your group.

Bellevue is your premier destination for exceptional group dining experiences. With its vast selection of private dining rooms and diverse culinary offerings, from upscale steakhouses to fresh seafood restaurants, Bellevue caters to every taste and occasion. Submit an RFP today, and let Bellevue's culinary landscape elevate your next event, creating memorable moments over exquisite meals.