Transform your next meeting by venturing beyond traditional venues into Bellevue's inspirational spaces. From art studios igniting creativity to modern co-working environments fostering collaboration, Bellevue sets the stage for memorable meetings.

Alternative Meeting Spaces

Photos courtesy of University of Washington’s Global Innovation Exchange (GIX), Coworking Spaces, and the City of Bellevue

Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center

For a serene retreat, the Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center offers natural beauty and tranquility. The Douglas Fir Community Room, equipped for various meetings and events, overlooks the Mercer Slough, providing a peaceful backdrop that contrasts the urban energy of Bellevue.

Artistic Studios and Galleries

Bellevue's art scene offers spaces that not only encourage innovative thinking but also immerse attendees in local creativity. Host your event in a gallery or Lighting Art Studios for a unique flair.

Coworking Spaces

Bellevue's coworking venues blend cutting-edge design and technology with collaborative atmospheres, ideal for modern business gatherings. Consider Sunset North or Regus locations for their flexibility and modern amenities.

GIX Ballmer Building

A cornerstone of the University of Washington’s Global Innovation Exchange (GIX), the GIX Ballmer Building is more than a space; it's a gateway to interdisciplinary innovation in engineering, business, and design. Hosting an event here means tapping into a culture of transformational learning and global leadership. The building, with its state-of-the-art facilities, embodies GIX's mission to inspire innovators and its commitment to diversity and global problem-solving.

Plan Your Next Meeting in Bellevue

Bellevue's assortment of unique venues promises more than just a meeting space—they offer experiences that inspire. From the innovative GIX Ballmer Building to the natural serenity of the Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center, these spaces are designed to enhance your event. Ready to make your next meeting unforgettable? Submit your RFP today and discover Bellevue's exceptional offerings.