We know accessibility, accommodation, and ease are top priorities when planning your event location. Ultimately, you must decide if a first-tier or second-tier city is the right fit logistically and financially for your event. According to Meeting Professionals International (MPI) there are many benefits to choosing a second-tier city for your event over a first-tier city. Bellevue is an excellent example of this. Although Bellevue is considered a second-tier city in terms of size, it offers all the benefits and more of its nearby larger counterparts.

Accessibility √

Located just 17 miles north of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Bellevue is accessible to 91 domestic non-stop destinations and 28 international non-stop destinations.

Accommodations √

Bellevue is home to a range of hotel inventory that can accommodate groups both big in size and big in heart with brand striation to meet any demographic.

Ease √

Notoriously safe, clean, and walkable, Bellevue offers ease and comfort your attendees will appreciate. Most of our hotels are within walking distance of delicious restaurants and fun activities everyone will enjoy.

Opting for a second-tier city makes sense logistically and financially. In Meetings: A Tale of Two Tiers, Adovito proves smaller cities pack more bang for your buck. As you plan your upcoming meeting, we strongly encourage you to weigh your options and consider the financial benefits of choosing a second-tier city for your location.

We’re sure Bellevue will exceed your expectations of second-tier convention locations and offer an incredible experience for your attendees. For more information reach out to our convention services team. We’d love to discuss why Bellevue is the ideal location for your next big event.