French for a beautiful view, Bellevue is known as a “city in a park.” Bellevue does not disappoint.  Leave your hotel or venue space and you are a few blocks away from a little spot of nature. That nature comes in forms both big and small, from corner parks to the Bellevue Downtown Park

The crown jewel is the Bellevue Botanical Garden - this is where you will find 53 acres of natural beauty. Not sure what you want to experience? There are 11 gardens and 2 trails and any one of them will bring you back to center. For example, the Ravine Experience includes a 1/3-mile nature trail that takes you to a 150-foot suspension bridge. You will forget that you are in the heart of the 5th largest city in Washington.


Or, maybe you are looking for an authentic Pacific Rim experience.  Look no further than the Yao Garden.  This garden is the bridge between Bellevue and Bellevue’s sister city, Yao, Japan.  Maples, azaleas, rhododendrons, viburnums along with Japanese lanterns will transport you across the Pacific without leaving the Garden.

In and among the various flora and fauna, you will find garden art.  Make it your mission to find the Owl’s Glare, the Sheepish Rabbit, or the Large Galaxy.  During the holiday season, there is no grander visual splendor than Garden d’Lights.  The Garden transforms into a different world. See for yourself.

The Garden is also home to the Copper Kettle Coffee Bar which is filled with beverages and snacks for a quick energy boost or a calming way to decompress.  You will also be able to visit Trillium, the gift store where you will find unique gifts for yourself or that discerning someone. 

Groups are welcome at Bellevue Botanical Garden.  There is easy access and parking for motor coaches to bring your guests to a memorable location.  For those who like to enjoy nature on their own, a self-guided tour is easy.  Prefer to turn the experience into an educational one, complimentary docent tours can also be arranged.  As with most things, advance notice will allow you to plan the best experience.  Connect with Botanical Garden staff by email or by calling 425.452.2750.