Bellevue is a desirable location for booking conventions because it, not only, offers world-class amenities, but it offers a range of worldly multicultural experiences to delight your attendees and enrich your event. Known for its high-tech industry and top-notch schools, Bellevue also boasts a diverse population, with over 39% of residents coming from over 90 different countries. This diversity is celebrated through various festivals held throughout the year that showcase the cultural range of its citizens.

One such festival is the Lunar New Year Celebration, which is celebrated by many Asian cultures including Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. This festival marks the first new moon of the lunar calendar and features traditional dishes from Asian restaurants in the city, as well as martial arts demonstrations and musical performances held by The Bellevue Collection.

Another must-see festival is the Cultural Crossroads Festival held in March, which features international music and dance performances that highlight the diversity of cultures found in the Pacific Northwest. This festival takes place at Crossroads Bellevue and includes performances from global talent, an international bazaar, and multicultural exhibits.

The Holi Festival of Color is a Hindu festival that welcomes spring and celebrates the triumph of good over evil. This festival includes an open-air event where participants throw brightly colored powders at each other, and it's hosted by the Bellevue Hindu Temple and Cultural Center at Crossroads Park.

Finally, the Japan Fair is a two-day festival that celebrates traditional and modern Japanese art and culture. Held virtually in 2021 and 2022, with a plan to be in person for 2023, the fair features musical performances and cultural workshops that explore various aspects of Japanese culture such as tea, kimono art, ikebana flower arranging, haiku and more.

These festivals showcase the vibrant cultural scene of Bellevue and provide an excellent opportunity for attendees to engage with and learn about different cultures. Hosting your convention in Bellevue not only offers top-notch facilities, but also the unique opportunity to experience the diversity of this vibrant community.