The Pacific Northwest is a place of natural wonder, and Bellevue is the ideal basecamp city to launch all your epic adventures. Pack your hiking and biking gear and get ready for sensational views of cascading waterfalls, marvelous mountains, and historic gems. It's time to make some everlasting memories with your loved ones as you venture to our corner of the world. Here's your guide to the picturesque, family-friendly hikes and bikes during your getaway.

Coal Creek Trail

Steeped in history, the Coal Creak Natural Area is a strong dose of the lush wilderness in the region. Here, you can find evidence of the early coal industry along the Coal Creek Trail. With wooden bridges, waterfalls, and historic artifacts, this 6 mile roundtrip hike is perfect for families. You can take a shorter, 2.5 mile roundtrip hike to the Coal Creek Falls through a well maintained trail under a thick canopy of fauna. Along the way, notice the large tree stumps that were left behind from the forest's logging days - before the preservation efforts began.

Rattlesnake Ledge

The Rattlesnake Ledge hike is a bucket list hike in the region, with views of the North Cascades and Rattlesnake Lake below. Albeit a busy trail, the hike is a must as you meander through a cool forest to reach majestic viewpoints. Coming in at 4 miles roundtrip, the hike will reveal the rocky ledges through second-growth forest up a fairly steep incline. The views and photos are worth the trip, and you'll definitely get some cardio in as you encounter many PNW natives along the way. If you're feeling famished, the North Bend Bar & Grill in North Bend is a fantastic stop with a huge outdoor patio and a giant slingshot. 

Snoqualmie Tunnel Bike Ride

Explore the Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area as you embark on one of the most unique biking trails around. The Snoqualmie Tunnel Bike Ride ventures through the 2 mile long tunnel that used to be a part of the area's railroad history, and continues downhill for about 20 miles to Rattlesnake Lake. This is a wonderful bike trail for e-bikes as you enjoy sweeping views of the Cascades. Along the way, you'll find historic trestle bridges, old snowsheds, and beautiful peaks. At Rattlesnake Lake, you'll enjoy some sensational views of the lake, which is spring-fed by the nearby Cedar River.

Bridle Trails State Park

With more than 28 miles of forested trails between Bellevue and Kirkland, hikers will encounter horseback riders at the Bridle Trails State Park. Surrounded by a quiet neighborhood of horse ranches and homes, the 482-acre park routes through a sea of second-growth trees and lush forest floor. There are three main loop trails that are wonderful for families to casually stroll through, and you'll be sure to find a variety of birds within their natural habitat. You can also visit the horse training ring to get a sense of the equestrian community. 


Built on a historic railroad line, the Eastrail runs about 42 miles long from Renton in the south to Snohomish in the north. Currently under development, the Eastrail has several sections open to improve access to transit options and to greenspace. Currently, more than 15 miles of the trail are open to biking as of publish, and is a wonderful way to explore the Eastside of King County, where Bellevue resides. Along the way, you'll find plenty of places to stop for some coffee, juice, snacks, and delicious meals.