Whether you yearn for an artistic treat to complete a five-star meal or crave something sweet and simple as an afternoon pick-me-up, you’ll find just the right finish in Bellevue, Washington, where the dessert menu is just as diverse as the city’s full culinary offerings. Here are nine Bellevue restaurants that are guaranteed to satiate your sweet cravings — and get lots of attention on your social feed.

Ascend Prime Steak & Sushi

With its lofty location — on the 31st floor of the Lincoln Square South Tower in downtown Bellevue — it only makes sense that the dining at Ascend Prime Steak & Sushi would be equally as elevated. After an exquisite meal, don’t miss the chance to indulge in the one-of-a-kind desserts, complete with a sweet view. A notable highlight is the Magic Mushroom, matcha shortbread topped with white chocolate cherry mouse, mocha crumb, chocolate pot de crème, and honey meringue shaped as a mushroom. Or order the Halo, coconut ice cream artfully encircled in a vanilla tuile ring and bordered with bright tropical fruits. The Hive offers a twist on baked Alaska, with strawberry cake topped with cheesecake ice cream, graham cracker buttercream, Italian meringue, blueberry compote, and Grand Marnier. It serves four to six people, and we guarantee you’ll be fighting over the last bite.

Photo Credit | Magic Mushroom: Ascend Prime Steak & Sushi

Trophy Cupcakes

Prepare for a sugar rush as you enter the wonderfully whimsical world of Trophy Cupcakes. Located in Bellevue Square, this brightly colored dessert shop feels like a real-life Candy Land. Browse the selection of tasty-looking, one-of-a-kind cupcakes, fruit tarts, truffles, eclairs, macaroons, and more. With so many options, you may find it hard to choose, but whether you’re a lover of all things glitter or a downright flower child, Trophy Cupcakes has options for everyone, including gluten-free and vegan selections. Plan to come back often: In addition to serving up year-round favorites, you’ll also find a rotating collection of seasonal treats. Who can resist festive mini cupcakes topped with candy canes during the holiday season?

Photo Credit | Trophy Cupcakes

Lady M

Open seven days a week in the heart of Bellevue Square, Lady M specializes in mille crepes. As a matter of fact, they are credited for first creating the multi-layered crepe dessert — now famous worldwide — at the start of the century. Combining Japanese sensibilities with French pastry techniques, the 20 alternating layers of French crepes and fluffy whipped cream create cakes that are ever so delicate and promise satisfaction in every bite. Browse the elegant offerings — ranging in flavors from chocolate to green tea — in the bright and airy pastry shop that also offers in-house seating for those who just can’t wait to sample their towering dessert.

Photo Credit | Lady M Cake Boutique 

FogRose Atelier

Raise your pinkies and delight during a posh weekend afternoon tea at FogRose Atelier. Allow your senses to be completely enamored by the array of aromatic teas and decadent desserts during the 90-minute experience. Enjoy endless tea pours and a broad collection of tasty treats. Start with the savory tier, which includes eggs Benedict, champagne butter-poached prawns, salmon cucumber sandwiches, orange scones, and other accoutrements. Then move on to the sweet tier, featuring seasonal cream puffs, macaroons, and a chef’s dessert. If you’re just looking to indulge your sweet tooth, FogRose has a dessert menu of extravagant individual treats to choose from, too.

Photo Credit | FogRose Atelier

L’Experience Paris

Is it a bakery or cafe? Perhaps a bistro or a restaurant? A gift shop? A wine bar? L’Experience Paris prides itself on being an all-encompassing store celebrating the City of Love. Offering everything from brunch to dinner, a diverse array of wines, and an elaborate menu of sweets to finish a meal, there is something for every palate here, buy you certainly won’t want to miss the delicious French pastries and desserts. Should you choose the blueberry vanilla tart, the Valrhona chocolate mousse, or a petit yuzu? The number of amazing-looking options makes it nearly impossible to decide. We suggest selecting a variety to share…or not.

Photo Credit | L’Experience Paris

Snowy Village

If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy dessert, this is your place. Located in downtown Bellevue just north of Bellevue Square, Snowy Village focuses on the traditional Korean desserts of bingsoo, a Korean-style shaved ice, and French taiyaki, a filled flaky croissant pastry. With a base made from milk, the bingsoos have a smooth, creamy texture and are piled high with sweet toppings. Choose from flavors such as strawberry, Oreo, mango, and green tea. The French taiyakis come in both savory and sweet varieties, with flavorful fillings ranging from pesto cheese and pizza to custard and Nutella.

Photo Credit | Snowy Village


Frosty Barrel

Alcohol and ice cream: it’s a heavenly combination. At Frosty Barrel — located just a short jaunt south of Bellevue in Newcastle — diners can combine their favorite sips with their favorite sweets. The restaurant’s owners have worked with brewers and winemakers to find the perfect pairings to accompany their ice creams, creating a well-rounded experience for their patrons. Check out the wine flights, where the rosé is paired with a sweet strawberry ice cream in the white flight and merlot comes alongside a Mukilteo Mudd Chocolate scoop in the red flight. Need something non-boozy for the kids? There are hot chocolate and ice cream pairings, too.

Photo Credit | Frosty Barrel

Molly Moon’s

Only a few steps from Bellevue Downtown Park discover Molly Moon’s, an ice cream lovers’ paradise. Enjoy a generous scoop perfectly balanced atop a crunchy cone that is sure to leave you wanting more. The daily menu offers 15 flavors, 11 of which are churned all year long (favorites include Mocha Chip, Honey Lavender, and the rich Melted Chocolate), and four rotate with the seasons (winter flavors have included Gingerbread Cream Cookie and Blackberry Crème Fraîche). Molly Moon’s commitment to sustainability — incorporating wind power, compostable single-use items, and locally sourced ingredients into their business model — make their treats all the sweeter.

Photo Credit | Molly Moon's 

Ice Monster

As the name implies, Ice Monster specializes in iced and icy treats. With sweet drinks like lattes, creme fruit teas, and bubble teas, as well as less sweet, but no less delicious, simple teas, this dessert restaurant in Bellevue Square is sure to quench your thirst and satisfy your sweet tooth. Hungry? Enjoy a scoop of a fresh, fruity sherbet. But the signature items here are the pillowy shaved ice Sensation desserts, which take sherbet one — or several — steps forward, offering layers of soft shaved ice topped with fresh fruit, fruit purees, tapioca pearls and creamy panna cotta. Take one bite and you may unleash your inner ice monster.

Photo Credit | Ice Monster