Fun for All Ages 

The Family Itinerary


Breakfast at Lil' Jon's Restaurant & Lounge

Nestled in the heart of Bellevue, Washington, Lil' Jon's restaurant is more than just a place to grab a bite—it's a beloved local institution with a rich history dating back to 1967. For over five decades, Lil' Jon's has been a go-to spot for families, friends, and food enthusiasts alike, offering a warm, welcoming atmosphere and delicious, comforting fare that never fails to hit the spot.

Step inside and you'll immediately feel at home, thanks to the friendly faces of the staff and the cozy, hometown feel that permeates the space. Lil' Jon's is the epitome of an All-American style diner, serving up classic dishes that evoke a sense of nostalgia with every bite.

One of the restaurant's claim to fame? Their legendary cinnamon rolls, which are not just delicious but also as big as your head! These fluffy, decadent treats are a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth.


Boba & a Walk in the Park

Resisting the delightful teas at our previous stop was your best choice, because at CHICHA San Chen, you’re in for a treat. Critically acclaimed with honors from the International Taste Institute, CHICHA has a bevy of masterfully brewed teas that words do not do justice.

We highly recommend you visit during work hours, as you will immediately realize how popular this place is otherwise, but we promise any wait is worth it. While this is another location where you can’t really go wrong with the options, two standouts are the High Mountain Pouchong Tea with Lemon Juice and Mouse as well as the Milk Tea with Taro Ball and Paste. With a combined lifetime of boba culture under our belts, you’ll just have to trust us.

Downtown Bellevue Park offers a conveniently accessible destination for you to enjoy your tea at your pace. If you happen to be joining during the breathtaking summer months, there are tons of bonus activities like concerts, screenings, and more for you to enjoy if you stick around the park.


Enjoy a Casual Lunch at Chi Mac

Chi Mac is a love note to Korean culinary traditions and a desire to share the joy of Korean fried chicken with the lively community of Seattle. With a fun & flavorful menu, all tastebuds will leave satisfied. Each piece of chicken is meticulously prepared, from sourcing the finest ingredients to our careful cooking process. The result is a mouthwatering blend of crispy, golden goodness on the outside and juicy tenderness on the inside. Adults and teens can enjoy a wide selection of sandwiches, wings, or even fried rice which the kids snack on chicken tendies & fries. 


Spend the Day at an Interactive Kid's Museum

Nestled in the heart of Bellevue lies KidsQuest, a vibrant and interactive children's museum that sparks the imagination and curiosity of young minds. Designed for children aged 0-10 and their families, KidsQuest offers over 25 innovative exhibits that blend learning with fun, focusing on science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). From exploring the wonders of nature to creating masterpieces in the art studio, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Step outside and discover an outdoor space that's perfect for building and making music, allowing children to unleash their creativity in the fresh air. KidsQuest is not just a museum; it's a hub of activity, offering a variety of unique programs throughout the year. From early learning classes that lay the foundation for a lifetime of curiosity to summer camps that inspire young adventurers, there's always something exciting happening at KidsQuest.

The museum's commitment to excellence has been recognized with numerous awards, including Eastside Small Business of the Year, Best Kid-Friendly Destination, Best Birthday Place, Best Kids Store, Best Summer Camp, and Best Nonprofit. KidsQuest is a must-visit destination for families seeking adventure, learning, and fun!


Family-Style Dinner at Dough Zone

Since 2014, Dough Zone Dumpling House has been on a delicious mission, bringing the heartwarming flavors of traditional Chinese comfort food to a modern setting. Born in Bellevue, WA, starting as a humble mom-and-pop spot, Dough Zone has blossomed into a beloved West Coast chain.  Each restaurant carries the spirit of Dough Zone's Bellevue roots, offering customers a warm and inviting atmosphere to enjoy their meals. Dough Zone expertly blends tradition with innovation, serving up scrumptious dishes and a contemporary dining experience that's truly unforgettable.

Oriented as a family style dining experience, you're able to taste a wide variety of dishes while also catering to the palates of the young ones –The Xiao Long Baos & Dan Dan noodles are must tries!.


Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream & Lucky Strike Arcade

Ice cream lovers rejoice as one of the best can be found near Old Bellevue - Main Street. This will be a sneak peak for tomorrow’s adventures, but for now we’re after one thing and one thing only: Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream.

Another great spot for limited time or seasonal flavors, there is another home run, slam dunk, sportball reference, for chocolate lovers. The Warm Brownie Sundae is deep and rich with warmth perfectly complements the cool ice cream. Getting a flavor that compliments the fudge is a must, and their Yeti featuring sweet cream, granola, caramel, with chocolate chunks was born for it.

After an indulgent treat at Molly Moons, work off that sugar at Lucky Strike. This swanky establishment offers an awesome arcade full of a variety of games for all ages! Whether you wish to race to first place, shoot some skee-ball, or take family photos in the photobooth, your young ones are sure to have a good time. If you're feeling something a bit more active, Lucky Strike has a full bowling alley on the other side of the bar!