Salish Lodge & Spa

  • Address: 6501 Railroad Ave, Snoqualmie, WA 98065
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The Restaurant at Salish Lodge & Spa provides a first-of-the-season experience. Our menu features Pacific Northwest cuisine with flavors that sing the virtues of local and homegrown, using the best ingredients and refined cooking techniques.

Come in for our Country Breakfast, a Salish Lodge tradition featuring four courses, including our famous steel-cut oats and the iconic Honey from Heaven™ service where honey from our hives is poured from high above your plate onto buttery house-made biscuits.

Select from an extraordinary line-up of creations using first-of-the-season locally sourced ingredients for an unforgettable meal. We also have an extensive wine list including our own private label still and sparkling wines, and proudly offer 24-day dry-aged Washington Angus Beef. Join us and create your own wonderful memories with family and friends. Advance reservations are required for The Restaurant.