Bellevue has recently acquired a reputation for luxury, but its beginnings are very salt of the earth. The land where towering tech giants like Meta and Microsoft now call home was once bountiful farmland. The Lakehouse embraces this dichotomy with its revised farm-to-table craft menu. James Beard award-winning chef and The Lakehouse owner, Jason Wilson, finds inspiration for his dishes in the seasonal and locally sourced Pacific Northwest ingredients. If you are interested in regional ingredients sourced within Washington, look no further than the Lakehouse for your next meal.

The lakehouse bar

The Lakehouse Bar: Courtesy of The Lakehouse

Eating a healthy meal while traveling can feel impossible. Luckily, The Lakehouse’s prime location and updated menu make it easy to eat healthy when on vacation. Their craft menu is elevated with robust organic seasonal vegetables and artisanal ingredients. So that everyone can feel right at home, the Lakehouse has embraced a more casual atmosphere, which is perfect for travelers who want to experience the quality of fine dining without the stuffy dress code. No matter what time you fly in or how busy your itinerary is, The Lakehouse offers dinner, lunch, brunch, and social hour services to meet every traveler’s needs.

Chef Wilson

Chef Wilson: Courtesy of The Lakehouse

Chef Wilson honors the Northwest in both the culinary and hospitality elements of the restaurant. Each service menu features high-quality local meats, seafood, or satiating vegetarian options. Although the meats and seafood used are exceptional, the vegetarian dishes are so hearty and complex you will not feel like you're missing out. Innovative techniques are employed throughout the menu to bring out the most flavor and enhance the textural experience. The Crispy Confit Heirloom Carrots are a cult classic for a reason; they are succulent and crispy at the same time with an exciting curry flavor profile. New vegetarian additions like portobello mushroom sandwiches will have you fueled up for your adventure and your taste buds satisfied.


Crispy Confit Heirloom Carrots: Courtesy of The Lakehouse

Have you ever wished you had a fabulous friend with a lake house to entertain you? Well, Chef Wilson and his team made your dreams come true. The Lakehouse’s ambiance, attention to detail, and warm touches to everything from the wallpaper to the cookware will have you feeling like visiting a friend’s home, not a fancy restaurant. The expertly trained staff is super friendly and welcoming. Remarkably, the restaurant provides staff with an innovative mental health and wellness program tailored to service industry professionals. The Lakehouse’s commitment to mental health is representative of the holistic approach to food the company is modeled after.

Bowls at chef station

Chef's Station: Courtesy of The Lakehouse

If you’re traveling to Bellevue, be sure to include the Lakehouse in your foodie itinerary. The Lakehouse’s revitalized menu features delicious vegetarian options that make eating healthy when you travel easy. Their farm-to-table menu is expertly crafted by some of the best chefs on the West Coast and comprised of locally sourced fresh ingredients. With brunch, lunch, dinner, and social hour services, the Lakehouse makes it easy to enjoy the region’s most delicious ingredients and food. Join our Visit Bellevue Ambassador, Nelson Yong, as he sits down with Chef Wilson on the Vue.