Bringing a group of people together for any event can be a challenge.  Finding a way for people to connect is even harder.  Team building activities in and around the Spring District encompass a wide range of things.  Check out the Bellevue Brewing Company for a location that has an abundance of options and a solid way to allow everyone to relax.  Or, maybe you have a competitive group.  If that is the case, the Mox Boarding House may be another option. Private space at Mox is available and gives you access to the full game library. Stone Gardens is a great way to push yourself and cheer on your attendees to overcome obstacles in the safest way possible. Serial Events escape room is a perfect way to get small teams to really problem solve and create lasting bonds.  Other team-building adventures outside of the Spring District that should not be missed include the Bellevue Zip Tour and the REI Boathouses at Meydenbauer Bay and Enatai.