In the heart of the Pacific Northwest lies Bellevue, Washington—a sparkling gem that's fast becoming the go-to destination for meeting and convention planners who seek the perfect blend of urban sophistication and natural splendor.


Nature Meets Innovation

Nestled between the majestic Cascade Mountains and the serene waters of Lake Washington, Bellevue is a city where the untamed beauty of nature is only steps away from cutting-edge innovation. Home to tech giants and startups alike, Bellevue buzzes with the spirit of progress, offering meeting attendees a unique environment that is both inspiring and refreshing.

A Strategic Location

Location is everything, and Bellevue’s is unmatched. It is strategically positioned, just minutes from Seattle and a short drive from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, making it easily accessible for both domestic and international guests. This prime location in the Pacific Northwest ensures that attendees can enjoy the tranquility of a second-tier city with the conveniences and amenities of a major urban center.


Exceptional Venues and Services

Bellevue is not only a hub of innovation and natural beauty but also boasts exceptional facilities tailored for meetings and conventions of all sizes. With a variety of venues, Bellevue caters to every need, ensuring your events are both memorable and impactful.

Meydenbauer Convention Center: A Boutique Hub

At the heart of Bellevue lies the Meydenbauer Convention Center, a boutique venue known for its spacious, column-free, and carpeted 36,000 square feet of space. It features 12 versatile breakout rooms and is noted for its non-union flexibility, which can be a significant advantage in planning and executing events. The center is renowned for its dedicated in-house executive chef and culinary team, who provide exceptional dining experiences tailored to the needs of each event, enhancing the overall guest experience.


Bellevue's Largest Convention Hotels

Bellevue’s accommodation capacity is robust, featuring several large hotels that are equipped to handle significant numbers of guests and events:

  • Hyatt Regency Bellevue offers a vast 70,000 square feet of meeting space alongside 732 guest rooms, making it a cornerstone for large-scale events in the city.
  • Marriott Bellevue provides 384 guest rooms and nearly 24,000 square feet of meeting space, suitable for both large conferences and smaller gatherings.
  • Westin Bellevue delivers elegance and comfort with 337 guest rooms and over 25,000 square feet of versatile event space.
  • Hilton Bellevue rounds out the offerings with 353 guest rooms and 60,000 square feet of meeting space, capable of accommodating a wide range of events and conferences.


With more than 1,500 rooms committable at peak times, Bellevue’s hotels not only offer extensive space ranging from 2,000 to 18,000 square feet in their ballrooms but also provide all the necessary amenities and services to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Beyond the brick and mortar, Bellevue’s Destination Sales Team offers unparalleled event services and support. With a keen eye for detail and a bespoke approach to event planning, they work tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of an event is tailored to fit the unique needs and vision of the planner. From site selection to post-event wrap-up, the team's expertise and local knowledge are invaluable resources that elevate the event experience.

A Culinary and Cultural Haven

Bellevue’s dining scene is as diverse as its landscape. Attendees can savor the tastes of the world without leaving the city, thanks to a vibrant collection of restaurants that cater to every culinary craving. After hours, the city comes alive with cultural offerings ranging from art galleries to live music, ensuring that there's as much to experience outside of the meeting rooms as within.


Meet in Bellevue

Choosing Bellevue for your next meeting or convention means opting for an experience that transcends the traditional. It's where every session can be accompanied by a view of snow-capped peaks or a lakeside breeze, where every coffee break is a chance to encounter innovation, and where every attendee can leave feeling a little more connected—to nature, to new ideas, and to each other. Welcome to Bellevue: where your event's potential is as limitless as the landscape.

Plan your next event in Bellevue and discover the place where the best of nature and innovation come together. Submit an RFP to our Destination Sales Team today to start crafting an unforgettable experience.