Bellevue, Washington is more than just a beautiful destination; it's a hub of innovation, dedicated to enhancing the experience of every visitor. As you plan your next event or meeting in Bellevue, delight in the city's commitment to offering state-of-the-art solutions that ensure convenience and elevate your stay. From our eco-friendly and efficient BellHop shuttle service, ensuring seamless transportation within the city, to the Scout Mobile Visitor Center, ready to guide and inform attendees with personalized recommendations, Bellevue promises a seamless and memorable experience. Dive into the unique programs Bellevue offers and discover why this city is the ultimate blend of modernity and hospitality.



Bellhop shuttle

BellHop Pilot Program 

Introducing BellHop, Bellevue's first 100% electric, on-demand, and free, downtown shuttle service. In partnership with Circuit, we're making navigating downtown Bellevue easier, greener, and more affordable. Simply download the Ride Circuit app, request a ride, and within minutes, a sustainable shuttle will whisk you away to downtown attractions, Old Main restaurants, Spring District market pop-ups, and so much more! 

Scout Mobile Visitor Center 

Scout, Visit Bellevue’s Mobile Welcome Center is eager to meet you and your attendees.  Just imagine when this rolls up, who wouldn’t want to check it out.  Visit Bellevue staff will be able to speak with your attendees and guests to find the right experience for them.  Need a place for a quick bite?  Scout will know.  Want to pick up some Bellevue-centric must-have’s?  Scout will know.  Looking for a culinary experience to remember?  Scout will know.  Have your attendees stop by and find out anything they need to know about Bellevue.   

Visit Bellevue's Mobile Welcome Center

Scout | Mobile Welcome Center